Take Control of Your Data

“Only StrongLink brings a new level of intelligence, simplicity, and control to managing a heterogeneous storage environment.”

Marc Staimer – Storage Analyst
Dragon Slayer Consulting

StrongLink is designed to make it easy to globally manage all files across otherwise incompatible multi-vendor storage silos.

StrongLink’s metadata-driven Autonomous Engines give organizations global visibility, search, and control of their files across all storage resources. StrongLink Data Insights deliver visibility with real-time analytics and reporting.

Only StrongLink is Data Centric & Storage Aware

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Data Centric:

StrongLink aggregates multiple metadata types with its policy-based engines to automate cross-platform workflows.

  • Metadata-Driven Policies
  • Actionable Intelligence
  • Data Visualization & Global Query

Storage Aware:

StrongLink understands storage, connecting otherwise incompatible & multi-vendor storage silos.

  • Cross-Platform Data Mover
  • Multi-Vendor, Multi-Protocol
  • Global Namespace
No stubs
No agents
No symlinks

StrongLink blows away the concept of traditional HSM. Files are dynamically managed and migrated across any storage type without relying on stubs, agents, or symlinks, and without the need for dedicated cache or proprietary hooks. StrongLink can copy & move files with any-to-any storage policies, eliminating the need to rehydrate back through the same path. File naming and directory hierarchies are maintained regardless of storage, including all metadata – even to tape and the cloud.

StrongLink’s Scale-Out Architecture is the

Foundation of Autonomous Data Management.

StrongLink- Data management

StrongLink creates a unified view and control across all storage types (local, network, tape, & cloud) to simplify data management and collaboration across any environment.

Only StrongLink can Manage Storage Both IN & OUT of the Data Path,
and as a hybrid of both

Use cases for deploying OUT of the data path – Managed Storage

  • Direct I/O to files & objects
    • Best for extremely high IOPS use cases
  • Dynamic Data Movement
    • Copy, tier, archive, on-ramp to cloud
  • Data lifecycle management
  • File & metadata search
  • Metadata aggregation

Added benefits of deploying IN the data path –
Advanced Managed Storage (AMS)

Includes all the benefits of Managed Storage PLUS:

  • Controlled access into a cross-platform Global Namespace
  • Multi-protocol file/object access to data on any storage type
  • Enforce data stewardship
    • Protection, preservation, privacy
    • Audit trails and data provenance history
  • Small file optimization
  • Storage resource management and non-disruptive tech refresh

Stronglink Provides a Scalable & Self-healing Architecture

StrongLink’s modular scale out architecture delivers a highly available, no-single-point-of-failure architecture. It can start small, scale to manage extreme IO and data volumes, and may be deployed across multiple sites for business continuity and disaster recovery.

  • Scale-out on demand
  • Other vendors license based on capacity, but not StrongLink
  • Deploy on your hardware or VMs

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