Most storage environments consist of multiple platforms, vendors, and clouds creating a unique set of problems: lack of data visibility to enable tiering that aligns data value & storage costs, data locked in silos each with their own management tools, and complicated data protection.


  • Siloed data increases costs & reduces productivity
  • Inconsistent global access inhibits effective workflows
  • Lack of global visibility makes data difficult to automate, manage, & protect
  • Incongruent data protection processes compromise business continuity & DR
  • Inability to bridge protocols & access orphans files and limits collaboration

Storage Tiering


StrongLink Autonomous Engine™ with Data Insights and analytics quickly, dynamically, & seamlessly automates data movement and storage tiering across platforms, vendors and cloud. Data is managed in real-time to facilitate workflows & collaboration, SLAs and StrongLink Autonomous Engine QoS, while eliminating resource contention issues.

  • Global namespace across platforms, vendors and clouds eliminates silos
  • Data is accessible based on permissions regardless of storage
  • Comprehensive global management, automation, & protection
  • Single data protection process ensures business continuity & DR
  • Data Insights provides a global view to ensure resource optimization

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