Common Use Cases

StrongLink is the Ultimate solution for heterogeneous storage management with advanced technologies to enable intelligent data management across local, network and cloud storage. 

Automated data migration

Simplify and automate data migration between any storage type, powered by the intelligence of aggregated metadata. StrongLink does this with little or no interruption to users, and without needing proprietary stubs, symlinks, or agents on your storage.

Active Archive

Automate the creation of a true cross-platform active archive with any storage type, including flash, disk, tape, and cloud. StrongLink uses data intelligence to simplify active archiving, which optimizes storage and reduces costs by identifying and offloading cold data without interrupting user access.

Non-disruptive tech refresh

Take the pain out of adding to or replacing your existing storage. StrongLink reduces the load on IT staff, and minimizes interruption to users with intelligent automation across any storage type, from any vendor, including flash, disk, tape, and cloud.

Storage Tiering

Eliminate data silos and use metadata-driven intelligence to improve utilization of your existing storage with StrongLink’s automated, policy-based cross-platform tiering.

Business Continuity DR

Go beyond simple backup with StrongLink’s advanced file copy management and multi-site DR capabilities. Manage file copies and intelligent file retention policies across local and remote storage from any vendor, including flash, disk, tape and cloud.


Leverage the power of rich metadata across multiple storage types to ensure global access to all data, across all storage types. StrongLink simplifies collaboration, and HPC / Research workflows.