Seven Things To Consider Before You Buy Komprise

If you are considering Komprise for storage and data management, you should review StrongLink. Our customers chose StrongLink due to its unique features and better ROI over Komprise:
StrongLink is ideal for:
  •  Data Migrations
  •  Active Archive
  •  Technology Refresh
  •  Storage Tiering
  •  Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery
  •  Data Classification & Insights


Here are Seven things to consider before you buy Komprise.

Global Namespace
Only StrongLink provides a global namespace connecting any file systems, object storage and multi-cloud. It provides unprecedented flexibility to choose the right storage choices to reduce costs while enabling seamless connectivity of multi-vendor, multi-protocol storage , eliminating vendor lock-in and data silos.

Workflow Automation – use your data to automate workflows and remove complexity from storage management

No capacity-based licensing – Don’t pay more for data management just because your data is growing. StrongLink does not license by capacity to maximize your ROI.


Take Control of your data – Unlike Komprise, only StrongLink can be deployed both in and out of the data path, for maximum flexibility. With StrongLink, you can read your data without any dependency on our software even in the cloud and on tape. It ensures your always in complete control of your data enforcing data provenance, governance and compliance.

Benefits of StrongLink in the data path

  • Controlled access, audit trails, data provenance enforcement.
  • Data stewardship
  • Protection, preservation, privacy
  • Small file optimization with self-describing containers
  • Advanced storage resource management

Benefits of StrongLink out of the data path

  • Direct I/O to files & objects, to accommodate latency-sensitive workflows, such as with parallel file systems, high performance flash arrays, scientific instruments, production SANs, etc.
  • Dynamic data movement driven by policy across all stores both In and Out of the data path, to automate data protection, tiering, file staging, on-ramp to the cloud, etc.
  • Data lifecycle management policies may also be applied globally, even with storage that is out of the data path.

Don’t just store your files, maximize the value of your data: StrongLink auto-classifies your files, aggregating multiple metadata types with user-defined custom metadata to drive automated workflows, global queries, and dynamic data movement, and derive data insights to extract greater value from your data and your storage.

Metadata-driven Data Insights provide real-time actionable intelligence about your files to provide you visibility for storage utilization, automate lifecycle and copy management, streamline collaboration between groups and teams, and maximize ROI of IT resources.

No stubs, no agents and no symlinks
StrongLink does not use stubs, agents or symlinks, each of which which adds fragility to any storage environment. StrongLink intelligence and automation ensures data is always directly accessible and available without rehydration.

If you are considering Komprise for storage and data management, you should also review StrongLink.

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