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Extend Your Primary Storage to Tape

StrongLink LTFS is a powerful next-generation feature that adds to StrongLink the ability to seamlessly extend your primary storage systems to include tape in a policy-based global namespace.

This optional StrongLink module is designed to make tape a seamless addition to your file-based workflows, which can include existing flash, disk, and cloud-based storage.

With support for all major library vendors, StrongLink LTFS lets you partition existing libraries used for backup to enable them to provide the lowest cost on-premises storage medium, but without the complexity or silo issues often thought of with tape. Whether extending NAS or object store workflows for DR copies, active archives, or to enable air-gap replication to help isolate data from ransomware attacks, StrongLink LTFS makes tape simple.

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7 Things You Need to Know About LTFS

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StrongLink LTFS Tape explained

StrongLink LTFS supports tape libraries from any manufacturer, and integrates tape storage as a seamless extension of the global namespace. No need for additional disk cache, file stubs, or symlinks. 

The tape management solution you’ve been looking for!​

StrongLink LTFS provides the easiest way to extend your primary or secondary file/object storage onto tape to get the most out of your investment, and dramatically reduce your overall storage costs.

Use StrongLink LTFS with the storage you already own to create a nearline and active archive storage solution. Scale capacity as your business grows without additional license fees – no more overprovisioning.

As part of the StrongLink Global Namespace, copies of files can be written to tape automatically, based upon metadata-driven policies for tiering, active archiving, data protection, and to seamlessly offload primary storage.

By blending low-cost LTFS tape with disk, StrongLink LTFS delivers long-term storage at a fraction of your current costs. Using tape storage reduces costs by 80% compared with Disk, 70% compared with Cloud (including the cost of the library).

StrongLink system can manage multiple copies on different storage platforms for added protection.
Retention and data protection policies may be set within StrongLink, and along with other user created metadata tags can easily drive policies for each class of data.

StrongLink LTFS can create & manage multiple file copies, and supports vaulting of tapes to create an air-gap for ransomware protection.

StrongLink Containers create a virtual wrapper around small files for INODE reduction, so millions of tiny files work just fine with tape. Users will not need to know if a small file is in a Container or not. Individual files may be read from tape without unpacking the container or moving it to disk.

Say goodbye to dedicated hardware and proprietary software. Pick your favorite hardware vendor (flash, disk, and tape) – StrongLink works with them all. Our commitment to open standards ensures your data will always be accessible.

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