StrongLink provides Isilon users the flexibility to seamlessly connect across
different vendor platforms and file protocols.

Isilon users love their Isilon but want to improve three things:

  1. Reduce costs
  2. Connect Isilon to other storage (object, cloud or tape)
  3. Improve business continuity and disaster recovery

StrongLink is the Answer

StrongLink is a software solution that seamlessly connects Isilon to other storage for:

  • Data migration & tiering
  • Active Archiving
  • Metadata management
  • Technology refresh

To reduce costs, StrongLink leverages automatic data classification to power policy-based file movement between storage types with little or no user interruption.

Metadata-driven, user-defined data lifecycle policies ensure files are on the right storage at the right time. Policies may be triggered based upon user-created metadata tags, data retention rules, or data protection requirements.

StrongLink seamlessly extends Isilon into a global namespace with other storage types, including object, tape, and cloud.

StrongLink’s policy engines automate workflows to:

  • Automatically migrate/tier files to less expensive storage
  • Free capacity on primary Isilon storage.
  • Simplify technology refresh.
  • Archive cold data to cloud or tape.
  • Simplify replication for DR or business continuity.

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