Seamlessly Connect Isilon Across Different Vendor Platforms and File Protocols

Why choose StrongLink?

StrongLink is a software solution that seamlessly connects Isilon to other storage for:

  • Data migration & tiering
  • Metadata management
  • Active Archiving
  • Technology refresh

To reduce costs, StrongLink dynamically migrates files to other storage based on user policies. Policies are defined based upon data lifecycle and data protection requirements to ensure the right files are always on the right storage.

This simplifies technology refresh, migrations between Isilons, and connecting Isilons to other file systems, multi-cloud, object storage and tape.

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StrongLink: Isilon

StrongLink provides Isilon users the flexibility to seamlessly connect across different vendor platforms and file protocols.

Active archive
  • Seamlessly connects Isilon to other local, network & cloud storage
  • StrongLink global namespace delivers a persistent view to user files regardless of storage location
  • Multi-protocol direct access to files
  • Files are accessible in their native form even without StrongLink
  • Audit trails, data provenance & governance of Isilon
  • Global queries
  • An open API & intuitive browser-based UI
  • Data analytics & visualization

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