Dell EMC users love their Isilon but want to improve three things:

  1. Reduce costs by offloading primary storage
  2. Enable Isilon to work with other vendor storage types (flash, disk, object, cloud or tape)
  3. Improve business continuity and disaster recovery

StrongLink is the Answer

StrongLink is a software solution that seamlessly connects Isilon to other storage from any vendor for:

  • Automated data migration & tiering
  • Active Archiving
  • Data classification and metadata management
  • Non-disruptive technology refresh

To reduce costs, StrongLink dynamically migrates files to other storage based on user policies. Policies are defined based upon data intelligence to match data lifecycle and data protection requirements, ensuring the right files are always on the right storage.

This simplifies technology refresh, tiering or data migrations between Isilon and other storage types in a global namespace, including cloud, object storage, and tape.

StrongLink’s policy engines automate workflows so customers can:

  • Automatically migrate/tier files to less expensive storage
  • Free capacity on the Isilon without interrupting user access
  • Simplify technology refresh
  • Archive cool/cold data to cloud or tape seamlessly
  • Simplify global replication and file copy management

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StrongLink provides Isilon users the flexibility to seamlessly connect with different vendor platforms and file protocols.

  • Seamlessly connects Isilon to other local, network & cloud storage of any type, from any vendor
  • StrongLink global namespace delivers a persistent view to user files regardless of storage location
  • Global multi-protocol access to files across all storage types
  • Audit trails, data provenance & file governance
  • Global queries based upon multiple metadata sources
  • An open API & intuitive browser-based UI
  • Data analytics & visualization

Data Intelligence For Isilon

StrongLink aggregates metadata captured from OneFS and other storage, applications and custom user-generated metadata, providing data intelligence needed to automate management across multiple storage types.

Why StrongLink for Your Isilon?

Only StrongLink combines both data and storage resource management, with metadata aggregation, workflow automation, and policy-based control into one easy-to-use vendor-neutral software solution.

And, only StrongLink can be deployed both in and/or out of the data path, without the need for proprietary tricks, such as stubs, symbolic links, or agents.

StrongLink is not licensed on capacity providing an immediate and predictable ROI as user storage constantly increases.