Ultimate Data Management Software

StrongLink is the Ultimate solution for heterogeneous storage management


  • Remove Complexity – Reduces IT Burdens – Ease of Use & Install – Increase User Productivity & Collaboration
  • Reduce Costs Seamless Tiering & Archiving Maximize Storage Efficiency Immediate ROI
  • Enforce Data Protection – Cross-Platform File Copy Management – One-Click File Recovery – Simplified Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Only StrongLink is Data Centric & Storage Aware

StrongLink- Data management

StrongLink creates a unified view and control across all storage types (local, network, tape, & cloud) to simplify data management and collaboration across any environment.

StrongLink Features

  • Multi-Vendor, Multi-Protocol
  • Cross-Platform Storage Management Global
  • Namespace
  • Metadata-Driven Workflows & Query
  • Data Visualization & Analytics
  • File Validation & Reporting
  • Automated Data Lifecycle Management
  • Dynamic Data Mover
  • Rich Metadata, including User-Created Small
  • File Optimization
  • No Agents, No Stubs, No Symlinks
  • Supports both IN & OUT of the Data Path