Multiple storage systems, vendors, and clouds have made data protection arduous especially for heterogeneous storage environments. Different overlapping data protection (DP)  processes increases BC and DR recovery time objectives (RTO) while escalating the likelihood of failure.


  • Redundant data copies waste storage resources
  • Conflicting DP processes creates data loss risk
  • Long RTOs, incomplete or failed recoveries, increases business risk or failure
  • Laborious BC/DR processes burden IT resources
  • Creates unnecessary cost and complexity

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery​


StrongLink’s Autonomous Engines™ with Life Cycle Management and Audit Services delivers a single BC/DR solution with auditing, file versioning, verification, and user access controls that span across local, network, tape, and cloud storage. All files are continuously double check-summed for file integrity, and all user and system activity is logged in an immutable audit system. Incremental file and metadata versioning enables file and directory rollback. Data provenance is assured to meet compliance and governance requirements.

  • Intelligent data protection with file de-duplication & copy management reduce storage consumption
  • “One click” file recovery for instant file access from all sources providing zero RTO
  • Automated data-life cycle policies and auto verification enforce data provenance and minimize data risk
  • Eliminates multiple DP systems with one single global process reducing cost & complexity

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

StrongLink- Business Continuity

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