Active Archives Across Any Storage

Automated and simple, for flash, disk, tape & cloud

Why choose StrongLink?

StrongLink delivers a seamless active archive that works with any storage, including flash, disk, cloud and tape. StrongLink’s Autonomous Engines with Lifecycle Management Services and Dynamic Data Mover™ enables intelligent caching for hot data, with data placement optimization across any storage resource, location, vendor platform, or file system.

  • Metadata-driven storage optimization intelligently offloads cool/cold data
  • Reduce load on primary storage, and cut storage costs by 80%
  • Meet SLA & QoS with direct file access, no data rehydration
  • Easily integrate and optimize cloud/ tape with Zero RTO
  • Verification, audit reports & StrongLink’s Data Insights ensure visibility and data provenance
  • No proprietary stubs, agents, or symlinks

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Active archiving with StrongLink
Active archive

Files are archived from source to one more archive targets and verified.

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