80% of data on primary storage is cool or cold. Storage administrators cannot easily determine what to archive, if the data is inactive (cold data), or if the data will be needed quickly. HSMs based on stubs, symlinks, or agents are expensive, brittle and not easy to use in a heterogeneous environment.


  • Cool and cold data stay on expensive storage
  • Over-provisioning of primary storage
  • Slower data access due to data rehydration
  • Increased RTO and data protection complexity
  • Disproportionate tech refresh complexity

Active Archive​


StrongLink delivers a seamless active archive that works with any storage disk, cloud and tape. StrongLink’s Autonomous Engines with Lifecycle Management Services and Dynamic Data Mover™ enables intelligent caching for hot data, with data placement optimization across any storage resource, location, vendor platform, or file system.

  • Metadata-driven storage optimization intelligently offloads cool/cold data
  • Reduce storage costs by over 80% by cutting storage, DR and backup
  • Meet SLA & QoS with direct file access, no data rehydration
  • Easily integrate and optimize cloud/ tape with Zero RTO.
  • Verification, audit reports & StrongLink’s Data Insights ensure visibility and data provenance.

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